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Redemption Road Redemption Road by Katie Ashley
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OMG!!! Loved Redemption Road!!!!
Being back in the Hell’s Raiders motorcycle club was amazing!! Loved Deacon's and Alexandra's story in Vicious Cycle... and Katie upped her game in Redemption Road by giving us the story of Deacon's little brothers Nathaniel “Reverend” Malloy story.

This story starts right at the end of Vicious Cycle. Rev and his little brother Bishop take off from Deacon and Alexandra's wedding because he receives a call that Breakneck's daughter has been kidnapped and is going to be sold as a sex slave. Now she wasn't just kidnapped by anyone, it turns out to be worse thank they imagined because she was kidnapped by a rival club in Texas and sold to Mendoza, who is the leader of a very vicious Mexican Cartel.

Rev can not sit this one out as his soul and heart have completely been tortured and broken due to a very very dark and traumatic experience he suffered as a child. A trauma that ripped his family apart and has been kept secret and has almost destroyed many lives.

Enter Annabel Percy... daughter of a very wealthy and powerful politician... who was kidnapped months before and kept by Mendoza as his personal sex slave. In the attempted rescue of Breakneck's daughter, Rev rescues Annabel. She has been beaten and left for dead... and Rev can not just leave her there...

There are sooooooo many things that I want to tell you about this book... but I can't spoil it for you!! Read it!! And just know that Katie takes you on a journey of life, loss, pain, and Redemption to get you to fall a little deeper in love with the Hell's Raiders motorcycle club!

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