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Hoss Hoss by MariaLisa deMora
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 7 in the Rebel Wayfarer's MC and I have got to say that hands down, MariaLisa deMora knocked it out of the park!

It all started with book 1 with Micah... and a very original MC story that included hockey players and rodeos! yeah, I know.... total originality!
Then from there we get 5 more books, great books with deep characters and slow simmers to hotness which is my fave!

But now... with Hoss... I am blown away. I am at a true loss for words to express how deep the emotions I felt while reading this story. It hit places that you absolutely never see coming... I cried several times, and laughed and sighed even more. Hope and Hoss's story will truly stay with you forever... its that good!

I refuse to say anything about any detail of this story... Go in blind with just the synopsis... and I guarantee you will feel everything and cry and laugh and just be moved by this story!

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