Review: Hidden in Lies

Hidden in Lies Hidden in Lies by Rachael Duncan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

wow!!! this book took me by surprise! Rachael Duncan has a very twisted side of her!! lol

Here we get a political/romance thriller that is just blow your mind away good!
We get the picture perfect life of Elizabeth Fitzgerald, wife of a prominent senator who just announced his candidacy for president. Lucky woman right? who wouldn't want a shot at being the First Lady?

Looks are definitely deceiving... thanks to a mother who did not show her daughter that love matters most, she sent her on the path to marry for money. And that path is a very dangerous and tangled web, because money does not buy you happiness! And thanks to following her mothers advice, she is not married to a man who is the epitome of evil... and just as happiness is dangled in front of her like a golden carrot... her world ends...

this ends in a cliffy... and I need the next book now!!!!

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