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Grayson's Vow Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan
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'Grayson's Vow is a beautifully captivating and deeply moving modern day fairy tale romance that sweeps you up and holds you captive in its magic. Bewitching, funny, sexy and at times deeply raw, this new standalone novel by the wonderfully talented Mia Sheridan is an absolute must read!' - Kelly, Perusing Princesses

Kira Dallaire and Grayson Hawthorn are two headstrong, focused characters that come together at a time when they are at their most vulnerable and the results are positively explosive.

Kira is running from a life she has no control over, regarded as no more than a puppet by her overpowering political Father, she breaks free from his confines only to find herself homeless and penniless.

Grayson is an ex-con and estranged son of a successful Vineyard owner who suddenly died of cancer whilst he was still incarcerated. All that is left of his Father's legacy is a failing business and bankruptcy, and no bank will touch him.

Kira is known for her crazy hair brained ideas, so when she spots the beautiful man in the bank, she takes it upon herself to offer him the business deal of a lifetime, there is just one little snag...

They have to get married.

Kira has $700,000 locked up in her Grandmothers will, and marriage is the key to unlocking it.

Grayson thinks she's crazy; a spoilt little witch who just wants to get back at Daddy. Kira believes him to be a prickly, rude dragon who will kick her to the kerb as soon as the cheque clears. Well...fine by her. This is just a business transaction destined for success, and a marriage set to fail. Easy right? Well... One would think, but when has living a lie ever been easy? Especially when the real truths are right there in front of you... In Vino Veritas.

This story was so refreshing. It was charming, soothing and atmospheric with a touch of comedy and many emotional bumps. There are highs and lows but most excitingly, a burning sexual tension that literally jumps right out of the page.

Grayson is aloof but very charming when he wants to be which gave him a sense of mystery, whereas Kira is a more 'what you see is what you get' type who keeps her emotions and heart locked down tight - A perfect yin and yang.

She was never supposed to let the Dragon in, but she is captivated by his lair. Grayson is still trying to overcome a betrayal that rocked his world, yet this witch seems to be casting her spell.

Well... Mia certainly cast her spell on me. The setting, character dynamics, storyline, double POV writing style, everything about this book delivered a highly enjoyable reading experience proving that Mia Sheridan delivers time and time again. Outstanding!

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