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For months Mallory Winston lived in fear. Desperate for an escape, Mallory agrees to pursue a job in Europe, bringing her closer to the one man she couldn’t have.

Or so she thought.

When a misunderstanding threatens to crush what little trust Mallory has remaining, can Alex prove that he is more than just her dominate; that he is the love of her life?

Stone Unhinged begins where Stone Shattered ended, following Mallory and Alex as they navigate through their whirlwind romance.

Warning: This book contains a Cliffhanger

Mature audiences only due to sexual nature 18+.

The Stone Series:
Stone Shattered
Stone Unhinged
Stone Mended (coming soon)


My body is trembling as his rough fingertips glide up along my thighs, inching their way past my skirt and wandering to my warm center. His touch sets my skin on fire and I beg him to move faster. My pleading only causes him to chuckle as he slides his fingers around the opening of my panties and drags them down my legs.
Sitting back on his heels he says, “Take off your clothes, Mallory.”
Fingers shaking, I unfasten each button of my blouse and free my arms from the material, tossing the fabric onto the floor.  I slowly trail my fingers across my chest, caressing my breasts as I reach down to remove my skirt. The screech of the zipper is the only noise that can be heard over our heavy breathing.
Once I’m completely naked and lying on his satin sheets, he says, “So beautiful. Absolutely perfect,” as his fingers skim over the heated skin of my stomach.
“Please, I need you,” I whisper.
“I know, beautiful.”
Leaning forward, resting his body on top of mine, he punishes my mouth in a devouring kiss. His nimble fingers cup my breasts and I moan into his mouth as I feel the heat building in my core. Nudging my sensitive spot with the tip of his penis, he rocks against me, increasing my desperate need for him as he continues to knead my breasts and assault my mouth.  Knowing that my release is pending, he swaps the hand on my breast for his mouth and rubs his hand on my clit, instantly forcing my climax.
As I come down from my release, he thrusts his large manhood into my center, causing me to gasp at the fullness. As he stares down at me, not moving, I can’t help but feel an indescribable peace. Only he does this to me, makes me feel as if I’m a part of him, and nothing else around us matters. But with the electricity crackling through my veins, I don’t have long to wonder about this sense of peace - I need him to move.
Rocking my hips against him, he begins to thrust, slowly at first, gradually increasing to a breath-taking pace. Wrapping my legs around his waist, he takes that as a cue to thrust harder. The noise of the bed creaking against the wall can’t be heard over our moans and my screams of ecstasy.
Suddenly he stills above me, and I feel his erection grow thicker before the warm release of his seed rushes into me. Resting on his elbows, he stares lovingly into my eyes while brushing the sweat-drenched hair away from my face.
“That was amazing,” he whispers, “I don’t know what you do to me, Mallory, but everything with you is just… better.”
“I know what you mean.”
Wrapping me in his arms, he pulls me across his satin sheets and drapes my body across his own, tucking me against his side. His fingers slide through my hair as I lie there, listening to his steady heartbeat.
I realize I must have dozed off for a few minutes as I feel a darkness wash over me. Reaching across the bed, I feel nothing; no warm body, no cold sheets, just air. Assuming I have moved to the edge of the bed, I turn over and open my eyes, only to come face to face with plastic railing.
Beep…… Beep…. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
A glowing monitor looms over me, and I witness my heartbeat increase to an alarming rate.
Sitting up in the bed, I rub my eyes and look around the frigid room. I can’t believe I dreamed of him again. And I dreamed that kind of dream. It was so real. I felt him, every part of him.
A few moments pass and a nurse walks in to checks my vitals, frowning as she notes my increased heart rate.
“Deary, this is the fifth night you’ve had an accelerated heart rate. What’s got you so worked up? Is it the accident? Are you having nightmares? The doctor can prescribe some sleeping medication if you’d like.”
“No medicine, but yes it’s the accident,” I lie.
It’s not an accident that keeps me up at night. It’s the face, the voice, the feel, the essence of the man that completely transformed my world and stole my heart.

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