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Infatuation Infatuation by River Savage
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4.5 Crowns

River Savage stories of the Knights Rebels MC just get better and better! And I LUV Beau!!

In this installment we get the story of Beau McIntyre, VP of the Knights Rebels and best friend of Nix the President. And we get the story of Mackenzie Moore, former wife of very powerful and abusive man.

Beau is plagued with guilt from not saving his sister Missy in her abusive relationship... As a result of her death, Beau dedicates his life to save women who are experiencing abuse. He risks his life time and time again to get these women into saftey, as he did with Kenzie, 18 months prior, but somehow her husband found her.

Kenzie is a strong woman in hiding trying to make a life for herself after surviving the trauma she lived. The flashback scenes with her husband are brutal and take your breath away. Somehow this man finds her! She narrowly escapes and runs straight back the Beau! Instinctively knowing that the connection she felt with him when he rescued her would ultimately save her life because she knows she can trust Beau. But can she trust herself around him?

Infatuation brings the family of the Knights Rebels front and center, which is something I love about River Savage's writing.... she makes you feel strong connections with well developed characters and you feel that you are part of the story as it happens. I have got to tell you that the scenes of Kenzie and her husband are brutal, and you feel like you are suffering right along with her and this insane man abusing her! It is a deep and moving read and at times can really make you feel her pain. Beau is an amazing man. He is all Alpha, but overtime he calls Kenzie "Darling" I just melt a little more in love with him. He treads carefully with Kenzie, fearful of what is developing with them, respectful of everything she has been though. At the same time he is having a really hard time not going full steam ahead with her as his very dominant nature wants to take control.

Their slow burn to full on inferno is OMG squirming-ly good!! Beau can have his way with me anytime even with his extra kink in the bedroom!!

The drama that transpires with everyone is seriously consuming... Especially with Brooks and Kelly, their story is heartbreaking. Can not wait for the next one Ms. Savage!!

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