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Karma Karma by K.T. Fisher
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Karma is definitely about reaping what you sow.... but in a very very dark sense.
This is an MC story where the emphasis is on the main character who is a woman... not a nice woman.. well actually a total B**ch! She has literally gone out of her way in life to hurt people, even her own sister and those actions almost left her paralyzed....

Still... even after all she has done and all the hurt she caused... The life she was thrust into and barely survived is dark! It is living and breathing torture to the point where you wish for death. She is being held in captivity with other women.. and one being the princess of the Philadelphia Kings of Rebellion charter. It is true that it's not what you know but who you know. When they rescue that princess, they also rescue Lauren and another girl.

Now Demon, the president of the motorcycle club who took her, is not taking kindly to losing Lauren. And Grim, the son of the President of the Philadelphia Kings is not going to let that happen... He wants Lauren to be his... and this is going to get ugly!

Great dark read with redemption at the end.

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