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Illicit Temptations Illicit Temptations by Janine Infante Bosco
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Janine Infante Bosco weaved a tale of intrigue, crime, suspense and love.

Illicit Temptations is about children reaping the consequences of their parents actions. Nikki Pastore is the daughter of a crime boss... she has lived her life loving her father, although not approving what his business choices have been. She has distanced herself from that life as much as possible.

Michael Valente is the son of the crime boss' right hand, best friend and brother although not blood related. Michael's father was killed as he took a bullet saving Nikki's fathers life. That changed Michaels life drastically even moving away for over 10 years.

When Michaels mother passes away from cancer, Nikki's father is there to keep a promise he made Michaels father. He brings Michael back home and offers him a legitimate job...

Michael is grieving, and at the same time feeling good to be back in his life... and seeing Nikki... the little girl who hung around like a little puppy with her sister and him when they were children... but, Nikki isn't that little girl anymore. She is a beautiful grown up, sassy and intelligent woman. Michael decides to stay... try out his new life back in his old life because He wants to be near Nikki.

Nikki is dating a guy who really is not all she deserves. But being gun-shy with other men due to who her father is, she tries her best to make it a go with her boyfriend. When Michael returns.. he makes that decision even harder!

As in any crime family book.. there is intrigue, revenge and definitely drama, and Janine does not disappoint! She definitely gives you a ride, a dangerous ride while at the same time giving you the very souls of the characters. Great first book I have read from ms. Bosco! Can not wait to read the next book that is about Nikki's older sister.. and a very twisted love story!!

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