Review: Inflame Me

Inflame Me Inflame Me by Ryan Michele
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So I totally consumed this book in one sitting... 2 ½ hours of MC awesomeness!!

This is the story of Tanner and Rhys...
Now Tanner is the daughter of Cameran Wagner - Dagger... thing is neither of them know it... 20+ years later... mommy gets in a bit of trouble which of course the ever protective Tanner get in neck deep to help her and things turn into a clusterf**k!!
Momma has no choice but to run to baby daddy Dagger and ask for help.

Dagger of course is sucker punched with this news but still goes all alpha to protect his women.. He isn't the only one though! Rhys takes one look at Tanner and beats his chest like king kong and chants "MY WOMAN"... ok.. not technically does that happen but it really does!! lol

well you all know Ryan Michele loves the drama and she does not disappoint... it is a version of twisted at high speed...

Truly loved it.. love being back with the gang, the only thing I want to warn you as we all know by now is that Ryan LUVS to mess with our heads and ends her books in a 'OMG/What the HELL" moment... and this time does it at 86%... so you have been warned!!! no haters to her... it is what it is and you get lots of thanks and another taste of another book for the rest of the 14%...

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