Review: Grayson's Vow

Grayson's Vow Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan
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Mia Sheridan.... rules my soul! 

Again we are given a chance to live in her imagination, 

and I for one never want to leave.

Mia Sheridan is one of our original Princesses in the Castle, 

and she has again written a royal, romantic, epic story!

This is the story of a woman with no options and a man with no hope.

Kira Dallaire made her way to Napa, with every possession packed 

into her car, her life savings thanks to her Grams, 

and a really really bad idea...

but when you have no options, 

even bad ideas can't be that bad, right?

Enter Grayson Hawthorne, 

an ex-inmate with every possible door closed to him.

He has nothing left... he has everything to prove!

As Destiny always has her own wicked ways...

she places Grayson directly in the path of Kira, 

and her plan to save them both.

But plans never quite turn out the way we want!

And this plan get so out of sync so fast, 

that even a ship full of life vests can't help them survive!

Kira is a very intelligent and strong woman... 

she will not let the bad bring her down, 

even when her own heart is broken.

Grayson... ahhhh.. my broken man... 

I did want to knock him upside the head a few times..

but in the end... his journey, his heart, 

becomes one of the most beautiful in existence.

This story is set in a tragically beautiful vineyard, 

and Mia outdid herself in portraying the main characters and 

all the other characters in this story as vivid as a picture.

You feel you are part of the story.. you are in the rooms with them..

feeling each and every emotion as if they were your own!

This is an amazing story of opposite personalities being the absolute perfect fit!

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