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Slammer Slammer by Tabatha Vargo
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OMG!!! Tabatha, you twisted twisted twisted writer you!!!

I read this story in one sitting, and I am still in shock!! lol This was a book that flowed, and was hot! And then it did a 180 and knocked me on my arse!!!
omg.. i am still reeling in all my emotions.. and it is good and i feel wow'ed and ultimately sad too! I never expected that ending... I am really really glad the ending is that way, but omg.. I really had my heart set on happiness and i got wonderful gritty reality!

This is your prison romance-ish with a shy nurse who comes out of her shell and a prisoner that is the worst of the worst and innocent, right??
Tabatha weaves her magic, and makes you fall hard for X, makes hope bloom in your heart for him, and them and their future... especially when all the odds and some serious twists are against them!

Then, right when you are happy, and comfortable and know that you are getting what you deserve... BAM!!!! Total setup!!! Tabatha gets mean... really mean with you and shocks you to your core!!

If you want a really raw, gritty and original read, do not do anything, drop everything and read this!!!

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