Review: Darkest Before Dawn

Darkest Before Dawn Darkest Before Dawn by Maya Banks
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I have been dying to read Hancock's story... and you just know Maya would not disappoint! She ROCKED it!!

Hancock's journey to make him the machine (not man) that he is is so painfully tragic....
There is nothing else he could have become, and just the fact that he survived everything in his life is amazing.

Hancock's journey to make him the Man he will become is breathtakingly and painfully beautiful and we can thank one of the most amazing female characters that Maya Banks has ever written - Honor.

She absolutely lives up to her name as Hancock lives up to his legend.
As in all Maya Banks stories... everything is over the top... all the scenes are unbelievable, but that is what makes her stories so freaking enjoyable!!
You just go with the flow, and feel and lose yourself in all of it! She seems to be getting well acquainted with a very graphic and violent side of her psyche, because, this story holds nothing back.. and you will feel the pain they go through, both physical and mental. But the sweet ending is so worth it!

Can't wait for you all to read this!!

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