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Hold On Hold On by Kristen Ashley
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(sigh) Kristen Ashley.... just luv luv her!
I swear... reading one of her stories is like sitting on the sofa in your fave pm's with a comfy blanket and drinking a delicious cup of coffee while it's raining outside.... you know there will be thunder and lightening... but you will weather the storm and it will turn into a beautiful day!

Cher Rivers.... It is so nice to read about her especially after all she went through with that psycho! Hew sweet little boy is just the best and with all they have had to deal with in their lives.. getting the good in the end is just extra sweet!

Doesn't get more alpha than Garrett Merrick.... Merry is a good man who had been manipulated but a not good woman. Albeit, he was in the mud with her with his struggles... and he set that motion into play.. Mia just isn't a good woman, and Merry deserves better!

Well... Destiny again has played her little hand... and what turns from a drunken night to a couple months full of learning, letting go and grasping the good and holding on is just what Kristen Ashley graces us with...

Wonderful completion of The 'Burg series... plenty of fave characters throughout, and sweet updates for all of them in the future....

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