Review: Brooklyn's Survival

Brooklyn's Survival Brooklyn's Survival by Elizabeth York
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow... Elizabeth York weaves a tale of suspense + romance + a little insanity = a great crazy story!!

Brooklyn is thrown into a new life that she hates because they are trying to save her from a crazy killer.
A crazy killer that she thinks had killed everyone she loves! She is alone, terrified and utterly destroyed!
She has lost her way and is losing herself not being in her real life.

Nearly a year later... she returns to New York, to her loved ones and can not wait to see if they are even alive!
Her reunions do NOT go as she fantasized... not even close! While she was frozen in time grieving for them...
they of course had found the will to move one, without her... they, thought she died!!

Can you say - CLUSTERF**K???

OMG... at this point... you need to get your big girl panties on and dig your nails into the couch
because this ride is going from, "wait what??" to "WTF??!!" in zero to 30 seconds!

The insane twists that her Stalker/Killer throws at Brooklyn is maddening! I felt like I held my breath for so long in so many scenes!!
Then Mark... OMG!! I loved him!! then I had the strongest desire to punch him in the JUNK so many times!!! I mean omg!!!
Then there are these insanely HOT.. I mean SCORCHING HOT scenes that come at you out of nowhere that leave you just breathless for other reasons!

Then just when things are turning around... just where you are getting to a place where you are just breathing normal... Brooklyn has some crazy things happen to her, both bad and really really good... after you are in your warm fuzzy place... BAM!!!!!!! Elizabeth York blindsides you and rips the rug out from beneath you and you scream - "NOOOOoooOOoooOoooOOOooo!!!!" and literally lose what sanity you have left...

This book is extreme in all senses.... suspense, crazy, scary, HOT, and just OMG good!!!
Its definitely going to throw your brain in a blender!!

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