Review: Zero Hour

Zero Hour Zero Hour by Lili St. Germain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Countdown to Zero.... no rules... no mercy... the final Countdown!
Two broken souls on the run, friends, allies, and one last hoorah!
What do you do when you have no more air to breathe?
When you have no room for failure?
When your only choice is live or die?

You fight.... you get your life back, regardless of the consequences!
Juliette and Jason are as broken as they can be.
Living with the loss of their baby girl.
Living with the aftermath of Dornan Ross.
Struggling with finding who they are now that Dornan is gone?
Juliet's mind is as fractured as it can be and she is losing Jason...
Jason is broken, between being the man he should be for his girl,
and the man that his blood can't deny... violent, twisted, and a Ross.

Lili leaves you with the end of this series as a reader who has been beaten bloody and surprisingly ok after finishing this amazing series!
She takes no prisoners with her twisted and violent writing style to weave a tale that leaves you hurting and yearning for more.
This last book is no different... she takes us to a whole different level with Juliette and Jason finding their true identities and being together.

It has been an amazing ride and I am sad to see this series end... definite MUST READ!

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