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The Player The Player by J.D. Chase
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Whoa! Dirty talk has never really been a love of mine, but I have to say... Xander Rhodes excels at it. He is one pervy bastard but I'm hooked! It takes much to make me blush but The Player certainly did that, and more! Someone open the fucking window in this train cabin. Oh yeah... I'm on a train right now to London, to coincidentally spend the day with this author among a few others and I'm going to bill her for new underwear, although I will hug her too for putting a goofy dreamy smile on my face.

The synopsis covers this book perfectly and it's not a long read so if you are looking for a book that guarantees to get you a lot hot under the collar with a dirty talking, sexual manipulative hotel owning extraordinaire then this book is for you. It's filthy though so if you are somewhat of a wallflower then you may want to leave this little baby on the shelf.

The heroine gives as good as she gets and I love her open mindedness. She's not afraid of flaunting her UK size 16 curves and I love her for it and for the author of giving us a more realistic beauty who rides cock like a rodeo princess but rocks a suit in high end hotel management. A woman after my own heart!

I did guess the ending outcome a good few chapters before the end, but it will be interesting to see how Isla plays this new hand she has been dealt. She holds all the power and I can't wait to see how she wields it.

Pure adulterated filthy fun!

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