Review: When I Was Yours

When I Was Yours When I Was Yours by Samantha Towle
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Adam and Evie... A once in a lifetime love destroyed with no rhyme or reason. Mistakes,betrayal, lies and deceit entwined with dark secrets encompass this profound and deeply emotional tale of broken love.

When I Was Yours is a tale of two halves narrated in both past and present double POV that makes for one dramatic and intense read, as it comes together in one explosive conclusion, that will have you hanging off the edge of your seat, because truly, this is one of those stories that can go either way.

From young innocent first time lovers to estranged Husband and Wife, Adam and Evie's story is far from conventional but that is what I loved about it. The destructive actions compared to that of innocent past contradicted itself so prominently, you realise the misjustice of that lost love was tragic, as much as rediscovering it was so painfully beautiful... This was helped due to the current timeframe being told in a darker and rather destructive way compared to the past backstory.

I laughed, swooned and shed a tear for them both but if I'm honest I did find Adam's actions a little undesirable at times. Nevertheless, I inhaled this book with gusto and every chapter left me wanting more. Samantha Towle never fails in bringing the feels, and as much as I love her leading males, my heart was captured by the heroine in this one because every biting remark, every knock back broke her a little more but she never gave up; a fighter to the very end. Brilliant!

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