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Reap Reap by Tillie Cole
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OMG!! Reap has stolen my soul!
#221... broken, beaten, abused and lost forever! That is until Raze finds out about his existence. His blood brother's twin brother... Raze is barely functioning as he wants to avenge his death... and by saving #221, that is a huge stepping stone in restoring his sanity.

Talia, Raze's sister is front and center in this story. She needs some time away from the Bratva Life... she seeks seclusion and solitude. That is immediately broken when his brother brings Reap to her refuge...

She is immediately curious and compassion wins out as she sees this beast chained to the wall. There is some insane connection between them, instantaneous and all consuming and Talia can not fight it as much as she tries....

It is a heartbreakingly beautiful love story, and my soul bled for Reap... his loss, his pain, his stolen life. Days later and I just can't stop feeling all of it!


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