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Walk Through Fire Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley
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A good friend of mine who read this told me that this was going to be very hard to read. That I was going to cry... that it was going to hurt.
She was 100% spot on correct... why is this so hard to read?? why did it hurt and make me cry?

Because Kristen Ashley is a writing Goddess!!!

She expertly navigates you through the lives of Logan "High" Judd and Millie Cross. They are lifelong friends.... she may have had a serious love-fest growing up with Logan, but their friendship was everything. Everything until one day out of the blue, Logan just vanishes. He was ordered to leave by his Prez, and he didn't even say goodbye...

Millie is broken hearted, and things get worse as not only is she left unprotected, but her father passes shortly after. She has lost everything.. and is about to lose her fathers shop... she is in a corner and must rely on drastic measures to survive. She allies herself with a rival MC... and in doing that traitorous act, she is protected.. respected and left to live a half life without Logan.

Twenty years later... Logan returns.. and things are definitely not the same. His MC Prez has been murdered, his life as he knew it is non existent, but his girl.. his Millie is all grown up, and Logan can't handle that but wants to handle that so badly!

Kristen weaves her magic tale of love loss and healing through a very emotional rollercoaster that leaves you battered and healing. This is one of my fave books by her... it is strong, difficult and amazing!!! Well worth Walking Through Fire... although you may get burned... the burn is unbelievably good!

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