Review: Hard Beat

Hard Beat by K. Bromberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow... K. Bromberg has outdone herself!
This is completely original and fresh and just soooooo incredible, I don't even know where to start!
To be honest I went into this story blind, and by the title I thought it would be about Music.
Boy, was I wrong! lol This is a very captivating story about journalism and photography.
About a News reporter and His new Photographer...
not just any news reporter, but a reporter that goes down into the trenches,
and reports on the front lines in very world torn countries,
in extremely dangerous and volatile situations.

There are so many parts of this story that has you on edge...
and really opens your eyes to the dangers in the world,
and the people who choose to face them head on!

In the midst of all this dangerous chaos, K. Bromberg gives us a very deep character in Tanner Thomas. He is a top reporter who is suffering the loss of his best friend and previous photgrapher, Stella. On top of that, his boss's are unsure of sending him out in the battlefield again so soon.
Add in having to break in a new photographer who happens to be another woman, not just any woman, but a beautiful woman, whom he meets his first night back.. and Damn.. that is one hell of a HOT meeting.. then next morning.. BAM! She turns out to be his new partner..

Beaux Croslyn is a mysterious and captivating woman who has secrets beyond your imagination.
And as K. Bromberg weaves her magic storytelling web, well you become so ensnared that
you will not know which way is up! lol
Do yourself a favor and dive in to this amazing story!

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