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Say Nothing... Say Nothing... by T.A. Roth
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OMG... well Say Something ended with a mega intense cliffy!!! And Say Nothing starts off at exactly that scene... you know the one.. the scene where you had the breath knocked out of you!

We have Ari and Ben again, in this intensely dramatic and hot story where Ari's past has come front and center in her life and threatens the happiness she knows. She is passed out with Ben freaking out, knowing about Ari's trauma, and sooooooooo not aware that this nightmare is back! Ben loves Ari, and wants her to heal, and convinces her to go to counseling... but how do you heal when your living in fear? And to top it all off Ben gets whisked away across the pond for weeks... leaving Ari vulnerable, unprotected and hopeless. Can Ben save her this time when her creeper is back in the picture?

OMG.. Ms. Roth really sets it up to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout this book. She takes your breath away in fear in one scene, only to take it away again in the holy hotness that is Ben.... Mad skills this specimen has.. let me tell you! Sort of started rooting for the creeper to get Ari out of the way so I can have Ben all to myself.. oh yeah.. I went

Seriously this story went from great to OMG wow! You need to read it immediately!

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