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Lawless Lawless by T.M. Frazier
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PP Bear

OMG!!! Bear... mine.. just mine... everyone get away!!!

T.M. Frazier has shredded us and put us back together with King, Tyrant, and now Lawless.... and she has left us without a soul with the ending of this book!

She has gone to a level of OMFGAAAWD that only few authors ever venture and even less play it off successfully!  love love love this story...

I will not go nuts and write a huge review, I can not reveal a single thing as you have to experience this completely on your own.... what I will say is this...

A chance meeting with a young girl and a bad ass biker entwined their lives in a way no one would have ever guessed... Destiny is a temptress you do not disrespect... she will cause circumstances so traumatic and she doesn't give a shit!  That one little meeting that should have never happened, causes a string of events so epic that you will be left with a gaping wound to your soul!!

READ THIS NOW!!! (right after King and Tryant of course!)

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