Review: Final Debt

Final Debt Final Debt by Pepper Winters
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This Princess again bows down to the queen of darkness....

That moment your reading, and your fave twisted and dark author shocks the crap out of you!!!

Which is not an easy task when it comes to the twisted Queen of Darkness Pepper Winters!!!
She has written levels of dark, and hot, and OMG WTF?! that you think.. she can't top this!!!

And hot damn when you are proven wrong... she can top herself!!


Omg.... I swear this series has had me on pins and Needles the entire time... I have not craved a series more than I have this one...  Pepper is at her best when she is dishing out her very detailed and tortured words.  She has you living every second of pain and fear.  She literally has you hanging be a Thread over a canyon and you believe in your soul she will let you go and you are lost forever!  But no! She pulls you up on that thread and delivers your soul back into the world of the living over and over and over!  I swear, I have felt like Nila and endured the debts as well.

Jethro and Nila very miraculously find there way back from hell and back so many times... It is just insane.   Every time you think.. this is the end.. they can't survive this... whether it be physical or emotional pain, Pepper brings you back from the dark, and you can take a small breath.


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