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Kingpin Kingpin by Lili St. Germain
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Jesus H. Christ my heart and soul have been thrown in a Ninja Blender. My Mind is reeling.

You are a writing phenomenon and the fact that you can make my heart turn black and lifeless when it comes to Dornan mother fucking Ross, then in 2 books... you make my heart bleed and my soul hurt for the one man I have hated like no other!!! I Hate you LILI!!!  My heart can't take it... seriously... this man is vile.. He is the devil incarnate.  The things he did to Juliette, to his own son... OMG to Mariana... just NO!!!  NO NO NO NOOOO!!

You can't do this to me... to us... we love you... we wait on baited breath for your next book... we stalk.. we praise, and then YOU! make Dornan Ross into a human being.... Show us he is actually a living breathing man, who does vile vile omg.. throw up vile things because he has no choice... because he chose to protect Mariana, because his children are his world.

Omgaaaaaaawd!!!! Dornan Ross has a heart... his soul hurts... he is a broken man who is just trying to survive and have some sort of semblance of beauty in his life.... have someone who actually loves him... be able to love back.  I am broken... i just can't deal with this beast having beauty... wanting him to have more...

Who do you think you are Lili???  I love you babe... truly I do.. but this is Mind-fuck-ery at its best... and you just love doing this to us!

When do I get the next one??? because.. this one... that ending... I can't wait to read the next one at the same time I am terrified because I know... I just know because this is how evil you are Lili... you are crushing me with the next book... there will be no light at the end of the tunnel... no life to be shocked into my cold, dead heart... my soul will be filleted, and there is not a damn thing I can do.. because I need the next book like my lungs need air.....

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