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Appealed Appealed by Emma Chase
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Brent Mason and Kennedy Randolph.  She is the awkward geeky girl next door, He is the cute nerdy lifelong friend.  They grew up together in a very privileged life, having each other to make things bearable.  They each pined for each other while their friendship grew in their youth... then, due to circumstances beyond their control after finally opening their hearts to each other, they are torn apart.


Kennedy goes awol for years... she is shattered and needs to get away from Brent.  Brent is broken hearted, and innocent in what happened.  He never forgets her and she never forgets him.  When destiny plays a part in their lives and brings them together, can they get over the hurt and remember the love, the fun, the friendship?


I have really missed reading Emma Chase.  I love her other books, and had forgotten what an amusing breath of fresh air it is to read her.  She is beyond witty and I was laughing so hard with the verbal play between Brent and Kennedy, and especially all the silliness that is Brent in his mind!  Emma always writes original stories, with real characters that you just can't help but fall for!

Can not wait for the next one!!

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