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Follow Me
Follow Me by Tiffany Snow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tiffany Snow is one of my favorite authors. She takes us on a wild ride full of thrills, mystery and hotness like no other author!!

In this new series “Corrupted Hearts”, she introduces us to a new female lead, the quirky and lovable China Mack.
Omg this girl made me laugh so much with being so real, so blunt, so so smart! And her leading men, Clark the hot hot neighbor who yes, looks like Superman and her even hotter billionaire boss, Jackson Cooper.

So this little brainiac works at the cutting edge tech company Cysnet, where she has been having naughty thoughts about her boss. Working here not only gets her to work one on one with her boss on a new project for a client, but also brings her into a world of danger.

The twists and turns that make Tiffany’s stories my absolute faves definitely do not disappoint in her new series!
I can not wait to read more!!

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