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American Prince
American Prince by Sierra Simone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sierra Simone is a goddess!  I want to crawl in her brain and live there.  She gave us Priest and Poppy and one of the dirtiest hottest scenes I have ever read… you know the one.. with the holy oil… (shiver)

Well in book one of the American Queen trilogy, she gives us the most intelligently deviously written political story about an amazing man named names Maxen, who befriended a beautiful political Princess named Greer, and the most delicious trio I have ever read with Maxen’s best friend Embry Moore.


He is the little Princes, Maven’s little Prince.  He submits to Maxen, and is fiercely loyal to him, to Greer and to his country.  He will defend all three with his last breath.

In this story, we get an immediate continuation to the HUGE CLIFFY the Sierra Simone gives us at the end of book one…. they have captured the Queen…. right from under their noses and are threatening national security by that capture.  Maxen rages with revenge, but he is bound by honor and position.  As much as he wants to run into the night and save his Queen, he can not… and he turns to the other love in his life, Embry to bring their Queen home.

Embry risks life and limb to Maxen, and for Greer.  In reality he is bringing his Queen back, because he is in much in love with her as is Maxen.  I truly believe he loves her more.  When the twists and turns in this amazing story turn him into a crusader, a Prince that is out to prove that he is the true one to the throne, you are left holding your breath, unbelieving the outcome, crying in pain and happiness, because Sierra Simone leaves you 100% captivated and making any deal with the devil to get the final story yesterday!

Simply bookhangover worthy!! Read this!!

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