Review: Damnable Grace

Damnable Grace
Damnable Grace by Tillie Cole
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Another amazing book by Tillie Cole!

I breathlessly wait for each installment of the Hades Hangman series.  It is one of the most original MC series I have ever read.  Mixing a religious cult and a hardcore MC is insane!  And Tillie weaves an amazing tale.

In this 5th installment, we get the story of Sister Phoebe.  We have read about her already.  How she was the Head Sister of the Order.  She is carrying an insane amount of guilt on her blinded treatment of her sisters.  Her heart is heavy with a secret that almost breaks her.  Lucky for her, a Hangman caught her eye, and will save her or die trying.

Xavier ‘AK’ Deyes is the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Hades Hangmen.  He has seen with his own eyes the devastation heaped on these women.  He has helped bring them to salvation.  There is one more he will save.  He sees his brothers in love with these souls… and he wants the same. Carrying his own heavy heart with a shattered past, at the very least, he will save his Red.

Phoebe and Ak are haunted.  They live in the past, and can not see a future.  They live day by day…but they are not truly alive.  The smiles they rarely smile are just a front.  They are dedicated and find in each other, the same broken soul.

Their journey is like nothing you have ever read!  So please read this asap!


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