Review: The Silver Swan

The Silver Swan
The Silver Swan by Amo Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To quote Amo Jones and best describe this story perfectly:

The angst, the assholeness, the games, the f**kery, the WHAT THE F**KING F**K ARE YOU DOING???!!!…

ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY describes this awesome book!!!!

I have to admit.. I am a new Amo Jones stalker… I am devouring all the books!  And this one.. when I read the synopsis…. holy moly!!! Needed it like the air I breathe!


In this story we have Madison Montgomery… she is not a stranger to tragedy.  Her name is tainted with a very violent crime of passion… No matter the amount of money that daddy has!  She is an outcast at school because of it.  Her father is recently remarried, and has moved them to another city.  All is as good as it can be in Madison’s world, except that daddy forgot to mention that she has a new step brother.

As she begins Riverside Preparatory Academy, an elite private school in the Hamptons, she is immediately made aware that there is a very elite group of boys that run the school… they are part of the The Elite Kings Club and of course her new step brother belongs to it.  And of course, she catches the eye of their leader, Bishop Vincent Hayes, and get me a cold shower asap, because this guy is HOT!

Now this story is dark, twisted and has an amazing storyline… well basically its like 2 storylines, because as you are reading about this twisted tail that feels like your brain is in the blender with all the mind f**kery, Madison is reading a strange book, about the past…. and BAM! if Amo Jones ties it all together in a fantastic cliffy!

I can not wait for book 2, Broken Puppet!!


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