Review: The Trouble With Before

The Trouble With Before
The Trouble With Before by Portia Moore
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OMFG…. 6 books in 6 days!!!
I am in love with Portia Moore…
I want to hug her and bop her and love her and slap her…. watch out beautiful…
I may super duper fangirl.. but I will still want to hurt ya’ a lil’

You have given me the most amazing series ever… I never knew which way you were going to go intertwining all of these characters lives so tragically and beautifully that I can’t even grasp all of my emotions to this series!!! I just know that I will never get over these books… this book hangover is 100% permanent…

My lovelies, I have desperately wanted to tell you so much about these stories… share my emotions and details over everything my soul has experienced.. but I can’t… I just can’t whisper a single word about it and ruin the sheer perfection of it.

What I can do is BEG BEG BEG you and my knees to read this entire series… it is one of the most original series I have ever read… there are no words to express my love for it. I was told by friends to read it.. and they stayed on my TBR for a long while… My deepest apologies for not listening… Please don’t make the same mistake I did and not read these books ASAP!!!!!

Portia… high five, huge standing ovation!! F**king LOVE these books!!!

STOP what you are doing and READ them NOW!!!!

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