Review: One Step Closer

One Step Closer
One Step Closer by Kahlen Aymes
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Again, Kahlen gives us a story that is anything but ordinary. She takes her eloquent words and pulls you deep within the story. She gives you passionate and in depth characters that you just want to read about forever.

In this story you get Caleb and Wren, step siblings. But these are very broken souls due to their losses and the pain they live in daily thanks to parents who are beyond dysfunctional and take every opportunity to make their children suffer. Very early on, Caleb takes Wren under his wing, to protect and provide for her. This gives him a purpose, an outlet to focus on. And just when you think that their hearts will finally heal, he makes a catastrophic mistake that sets them on a collision course of pain, doubts and distance.

Can Caleb ever right the wrong?

Well fate has a funny way of not even giving you a chance to hide forever, and with the death of his father, Fate again deals her hand, whether it be a good hand or not, you have to read this story in order to find out!!

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