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Dots by Angie M. Brashears
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I love Angie Brasiers writing… her Chubby Chasers Inc series is insanely original and erotically twisted… so when I read the synopsis for Dots… I thought… ok.. this is different.  But knowing Angie, I just knew that it was going to take me to another side of her brilliant brain…  And she rocked it!

So word of advice… don’t trip up on the first line of her blurb…

This is a story about two strangers with nothing but grief in common.

Yes, you will deal with grief… but honestly, I see this story being about life.  All the nitty gritty, raw, painful and beautiful grab it will all you’ve got, life.

You get Mason, ok.. well YOU don’t get Mason.. he’s mine… but you will get to read all about the amazingly yummy inside and out, Mason.  He is an intelligent and successful businessman… but he is also a man who has suffered, is figuring out how to survive that pain, and in the process, becoming an amazing human being with a heart of gold.  He is an entrepreneur, who is using his mountain of money and created a unique website, for people to connect.  Ok, thats all the info you are getting because Angie came up with a brilliant idea, and I really wish it existed..

So, with Mason’s brainchild, you will see how his connection to Chloe begins…

Ohhhhh… Chile, Chloe, Chloe….. How you made my heart soar and bleed.  This story is her journey, her amazing heart and soul completely bared and it will consume you!  She is following her path.. her destiny, by connecting the dots in ways you will be amazed at the picture they make…

Dots is truly a poignant story… I really loved the ending… well… after dropping to my knees and crying… i came to terms with how beautiful it really was!

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