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To the Stars To the Stars by Molly McAdams
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To The Stars is Molly McAdams on RockStar mode!

This story will decimate you in its truth and reality... it will leave you gasping for breaths scene after scene... it will leave you in a book hangover from hell!

Big girl panties my lovelies... Molly takes us into the world of control and abuse to the point where you need to breathe deep and read on.  It is not for the faint of heart, this is the real deal about a story of a choice made when choices were taken away from the choosers... it is about the consequences of those choices not only taking real emotional hit.. but physical hits as well.  It takes us deep into the relationship of a marriage that is terrifying and soul shattering and brings you a hope and a fear that a past true soul deep love will help you survive but will most likely end up killing you.

Knox and Harlow... star crossed lovers that meet at the worst time ever... He is just turning 18 and she is not.  She is underage, and remains that way for years.  Knox battles wanting to have Harlow as his heart and soul, while still wanting her to experience life and loves.  She just wants to be with Knox.. and doesn't care that she is underage... She can't understand why it matters.  But Knox will not waiver and does the right thing.. while still maintaining a friendship and a love that will not falter.


When they finally finally get close to being able to be together...fate intervenes and he honors her fathers wishes.  She feels him pulling away.. she feels alone and lost and turns to a Prince who is too good to be true.  But you all know that when things are to good to be true.. it is exactly that.  Her Prince turns into a Monster... and she may not survive it.

A chance run in years later places Knox back in her life at a time that her Monster is getting even further out of control.  Harlow is physically and emotionally broken.  The scenes with her and her monster are horrific.. terrifying... and you can't stop reading and praying that she survives.  Knox is beside himself, learning of her life, of their lost connection due to others intervening... life would have been so different. If Only.

The story quickly accelerates near the end.. and it twists and takes you places you can't even fathom.. But Molly... gotta love her.. she loves to dangle us off a cliff with a fraying rope.. and with Molly, you never really truly know if that rope will snap or hold tight.  Hold on tight and find out yourself by reading this amazing book!
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