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Reign Reign by M.N. Forgy
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Sweet lord almighty! M.N. Forgy brings us an MC book that leaves you breathless!

What do you get when you cross the President of an MC, who happens to be nephew to a mafia boss with a fresh faced sheriff's deputy who is daughter to the police boss??  Yeah... you get a whole lot of trouble, drama and HOTNESS!!

Zevin Deluca (Zeek) is a cold blooded killer... he was raised in a 1% outlaw MC, and took that reigns as President at a young age.  He has no qualms about killing and being ruthless even with his own family.  He controls Las Vegas, especially the cops... no fear and no excuses he lives life on his own terms.  But is dead and dark inside... until he meets Jillian.

Jillian Adams is the new Deputy with the Clark County Sheriff's Office. Her step dad is her boss and  Lieutenant.  She was raised in a close and overbearing, overprotective family, with doing the right thing being ingrained in her DNA... that is until she crosses paths with Zeek... doing the right thing goes flying out the window!!


Together, Zeek and Jillian are hotness to a factor that does not exist, at the same time they are alive for once... living in the moment.  Even if that moment could get them killed.  They belong together, two soulmates on different planets with the whole world not only against them, but out to get them.

I seriously fell in love with Zeek, as is so easy with all the bad boys.  And he falls hard for Jillian... kills for her... risks his own life just to be near her.  It is stalker-ish and endearing... yeah i know! lol  Jillian as well crosses many lines, and there is no turning back.. she loves him and will die for him.  This story is a snowball that turns into an avalanche... so hang on for the ride!  Ms. Forgy backhands you with the ending.. but it feels sooooooo good!!  Need the next book NOW!!

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