Review: Becoming Blue

Becoming Blue Becoming Blue by Angie M. Brashears
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This story.. omg... and Javi!!! OMFG!!!! HOT HOT HOT!

A friend of mine recommended this book to me.. basically she said "READ IT NOW!" and I am so glad she did!! Angie.. damn girl!!! I think I am in love with you!

Becoming Blue is like nothing you have ever read!  It takes kink to a whole other level!  Seriously... I am equally turned on and appalled by FLAN right now!! lol

We get a story that many of us can relate too... It is about all of us trying to change our appearance in one way or another, mostly to please others... What if?... your appearance, the one you are desperate to change, is the one thing that turn men and women on??? What then??  What if?.. not only can you make a career with it... but you find that the hottest mofo on earth finds you irresistible because of it???


This is exactly what happens to Blue... She not only defies herself by doing everything she has been fighting against... but also.. leaving with a stranger... going to a strange house... falling for a fantasy that is too good to be true, just to live out that fantasy for others!

Angie my love.. if this house truly exists... sign me up!! lol

I really want to give you soooooooo many details into this story.. but You just HAVE to experience it yourself!  Just know that you will laugh and cringe, and sigh and gasp in shock! You will read an entertaining and intelligent story with twists and serious OMG moments that will have you wanting more... and being a little shocked by that...

One note that I will leave you with is there is a scene... with a jelly donut! and OMG.. you will NEVER see another donut the same for the rest of your life!

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