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Eternal Soulmate
Ashlynn Ellis’ life was finally coming together. After a troubled childhood she had control of her life just the way she wanted. She had her inner circle of trust consisting of McKoy and Grace who were her lifelong girlfriends which allowed her to keep the boundaries set. But an end-of-life journey for her estranged mother shakes Ashlynn’s distrusting self to the core, which unknowingly leads her to cross paths with her soulmate, Cooper Brooks. Ashlynn has never had a trusting man in her life nor did she want one. She has seen domestic abuse on the front line and can not let these memories go. Cooper Brooks is a police officer and has seen domestic violence at its worse. As a child with a hard upbringing, he commits himself to his career. He does not have time in his life for a woman and he doesn’t care to look for one; that is until he meets Ashlynn Ellis. Ashlynn and Cooper meet by what could only be orchestrated by a higher power, and for the first times in both of their lives realize love is something they are missing.

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Bonus Scene:
BONUS Scene from Eternal Soulmate by Brooklyn Taylor Ashlynn and Cooper: ~Ashlynn~ I invited Cooper over for a good old fashion movie night. I was more excited about being with him tonight in his arms than the movie. I asked him to bring a movie of his choice and I would pick mine. I was afraid to ask what he would be bringing. I planned the norm for a movie night. You know the popcorn, candy, ice cream, chips and dips. We were going to eat until combustion and enjoy every bit of it. I was on my porch waiting in my pajama bottoms and tank when Cooper arrived. I had my hair pulled up half way and very little make up on. He had told me before how naturally beautiful I was without any makeup. I guess tonight we’ll find out if he meant it. God willing. I was a natural girl by nature so if he didn’t like what he saw it might change things. Killing time waiting for him to arrive, I sat reading a book on my kindle and drinking a glass of sweet red wine on my swing on the porch with Max at my feet. Cooper walked up my sidewalk to my porch and smiled as I stood waiting for him acting as if I was patient. Truthfully I wanted to run to him and hug him. I don’t remember feeling this way ever about a man. Cooper made me weak in a way I had never felt before. It petrified me as much as it excited me. He was dressed in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and looked as good to me tonight that he did in jeans. He could wear anything well. As soon as he walked up the porch he pulled me into his arms. He ran his hand up my spine to feel my body as I shivered reminding myself to breathe. He gave me a sweet peck and when his lips met mine I was immediately aware of the want for more. The air around us was humid as were expecting the rain that had been predicted. We never knew what the weather was going to do. I reached for his hand as if it was second nature and walked him in the house. Max waited right beside my feet waiting for the door to be opened. Cooper handed Max a new dog bone he had picked up. Giving a gift to my dog that I adore, nice hand Coop. He came in the house and sat down on the couch as if he had been here a million times making himself comfortable. He showed me his pick of his movie which was met with an eye roll. True Lies. Gag, total dude movie. I had seen it a couple times on TV, not by choice. I showed him my pick and gushed waiting for his reaction with a large smile on my face, The Notebook. He returned my eye roll exaggerating my reaction of his choice. He pulled me back and put his arm around me. “Sweetheart I would watch paint dry if I was with you. I don’t care one bit. Bring on the chick flicks. I can handle them even if my friends tell me I am pussy whipped.” “Gross Cooper don’t say that word. That is disgusting.” “What is disgusting about it? I love it. I would love to hear you say it actually. Come on Ashlynn say it, say pussy.” He said the word that I was disgusted by in almost a whisper. A sexy whisper. “Not happening hot stuff. That is a word I might use in the moment but I sure as shit ain’t saying it right now. Sorry to disappoint you.” I felt the heat rising in my cheeks. Cooper laughed at my obvious blushing. He was enjoying every minute of it. He pulled me closer and whispered with his lips touching the edge of my ear, “Later Ash, I can get you to say it and I know just how.” I was completely and utterly speechless. I didn’t know if I was more confused that I would love for him to show me exactly what he was talking about or the fact that he had me blushing. He looked at my coffee table that was decorated with every piece of junk food known to man. “Hell Ashlynn, did you buy out the junk food section?” He let out a sexy husky laugh. I offered for us to watch True Lies as our opener. I figured I might as well let him watch his movie first because I knew after mine I would’ve cried no matter how hard I tried to refrain. Cooper settled in behind me and I snuggled up next to him pulling the blanket up around us. He smelt so good and I hoped that his smell would remain on my blanket. He had a 5:00 shadow and I rubbed my forehead up against his chin lightly. I could hear his breathing becoming a bit more rapid. I heard rolling thunder outside and the aftershocks of it shaking my house followed by the hard fall of the rain. The very rain that had been held back in the clouds for days and was dying to reach the ground. I ran to the door in a panic and he came up behind me as he questioned what was wrong. I ignored him as I walked through the front porch feeling him on my heels. I glanced out to the driveway and see just what I had feared. I had forgotten to roll up my window. I had it rolled down more than half way on the passenger side because I took Max for a ride earlier. Damn it. My whole truck was going to be wet and then stink like mold when it dried. Without thinking, I ran out to the truck with Cooper yelling at me trying to figure out why I would go out into a screaming storm. “What are you doing baby?” As I ran out I screamed back, “My window’s down.” He met me beside the truck and then we both ran back to the porch. We were soaked from head to toe, my hair slicked back, my tank top glued to my breasts, and my pajama bottoms hanging from my ass weighted down by the wetness. Once arriving back to the porch I started to apologize to him. “I’m so sorry Cooper, I got us soaked to the bone.” I tried to start shaking some of the wetness off of me. “Shit, I always know better than to leave my windows down and I was in such a rush to get everything in I just plum forgot. I was so excited to get to see you tonight and…..” Cooper stood starring at me looking me up and down. “Oh Ash, I don’t mind at all.” He wiggled his eyes brows up and down with a drop gorgeous smile. “I was just excited to see you today. When I’m not with you, I miss you…I…” He moved closer to where our bodies were pressed up against each other and I felt the cloth that was separating us before much less so. I felt his body just as he felt mine. He kissed me hungrily and I returned his passion. He muttered “I want you….” I pulled at his hand not responding to his statement and as soon as we entered the house I started to remove my clothes. He began doing the same all the while never removing his eyes off me. I grabbed the blanket off the couch that we were using just a short while ago and threw it on the floor. We both bent down to our knees with our lips meeting once again naked with the wetness from the rain and the complete surrendering of our bodies. Our hands moved frantically trying to touch each other afraid that the moment would be lost. The pleasure of the kissing and foreplay of being with each other was more intense that any feeling I had ever felt. He reached down between my legs and lightly rubbed over the top of my opening that was already screaming for him then pulled back causing me to let out a light moan. He moved his finger back to the response of my moan and stopped just before touching me again. “Say it baby. Say what you want me to touch.” He lightly rubbed just next to my folds. I hesitated for half a second and then the word spurted from my mouth with a light giggle. Damn it! He was right, again. He followed through with his promise and I was pleasured over and over. Yep, True Lies, definitely a movie I could watch again.

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I am a mother of 2 amazing kiddos and married to my gorgeous soulmate for almost 20 years. I have a full time job in the medical field but would rather be spending my time writing! I love to spend my free time reading, being outside and playing with my family and 4 fur babies. I started to write at the instinct of "hey maybe I can do that!" I have enjoyed every step of the journey. I am blessed to have very supportive friends and family that make my life worth living!

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