Review: Kissed Blind

Kissed Blind
Kissed Blind by Emerson Shaw
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Oh wow!!!
Kissed Blind takes right back into the life of tough as nails body guard, Diana Cane.

She has just finished a very tumultuous security job that almost cost her not only her life but her happiness with her love Gabe, but also her relationship with her best friend and partner Vance too.

So here you think all is good and happy again…. Emerson will give us all hearts and flowers and wrap it all up and a happy little bow right??!!  Yeah, think again!!!  She absolutely ups the twists, turns and suspense!  And omg…. the hotness factor is through the roof when you throw in Diana’s new job, one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, faced off with Gabe and Vance… yeah… blended panties is what you get! lol

This story is intricate and really amazing with surprises and directions you can’t even guess!  Who will Diana trust?? Who will she love??  Can everything get anymore complicated that you have no clue who’s team you are on?? Oh yeah! Emerson loves to take you on a thrill ride and doesn’t let you off!

This series is beyond original and amazing!!! Read it now!!

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