Princess Kelly's Review of Raze by Tillie Cole

Raze by Tillie Cole
OMG! I just pulled an all-nighter. I need sleep, but after this heart-wrenching, brutal showdown I doubt I will get much to be honest. Raze is one of the most tortured souls I've ever read. This book truly affected me, it was raw, brutal, but sinfully addictive! I couldn't put it down!

"In that cage, we are both Gods and monsters." 

Raze didn't just consume me; heart, mind, body and soul, it set me on fucking fire! It pushed every emotional trigger and at times it hurt, my God it stung and brought tears to my eyes, as you are thrown into an inpenetratable darkness that leaves you feeling bereft, bitter and broken. Unlocking the past piece by piece becomes critical in order to enact revenge on the one who took it all, until you are left with agonising hard truths and a rage so deadly, lord have mercy on whoever stands in the way.

Revenge is the most deadly emotion, the most unforgiving and Prisoner 818 is on a mission of seek and destroy...

Dark, powerful, brutal, raw, heart-wrenching and insanely addictive, Raze will stay with you long after the final page. I won't deny there are some scenes that are very hard to read. To come from a renowned and much feared Russian mafia family and to have seen death at such a young age is one thing, but when someone whom you regard as family betrays you, the consequences have devastating affects for everyone, including those you leave behind.

Kisa is an incredible heroine. She may be a Daughter of the Russian Bratva, but she knows what prison feels like. She still misses him, her Luka, the boy who stole her heart at 13 but who disappeared after the murder of her twin Brother. Her plight is arduous, her life one of quiet despair as she succumbs to the heir of the Bratva throne. Her task of playing the doting and submissive fiance taking a toll on her kind heart. Her faith in the church and in humanity is what keeps her alive, sane, and open to finding solace in helping the broken and lost. Penace for her family's unforgiveable sins - Guilt at what they have all become.

Alik is a Bratva heir, Kisa's fiance and jail keeper. The most feared in an underworld cage fighting ring at The Dungeon. He is a stone cold killer with no remorse. The undefeated champion where only one is left standing...

Blood-thirsty and raw, Raze is a story of survival and revenge, but deep in the bones tells another tale; one of love, hope and destiny. Told in alternative POV, Kisa and Raze's story is hard hitting and painful, but it is also beautiful and forgiving as two soulmates learn to become one, rekindling a light that started to burn many years ago, in a world washed with blood, betrayal and death.

I love my angst, and this dark romance did not disappoint.

Raze, my beautiful, tortured broken boy. My book loving beating heart will love you...forever!

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