Review: Shade’s Lady

Shade's Lady
Shade’s Lady by Joanna Wylde
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OMG!!! I have missed Joanna Wylde’s Reapers Motorcycle Club!!!
Her MC world is like no other!! Her characters have depth, the drama has purpose, the hotness requires cold showers! You just can’t go wrong when you read her books!!

In this installment we get the young but wise Shade. He is the youngest National President in history… now don’t get me wrong.. this does not make him a kid.. he is all man, all biker, all badass!!
He has earned his title. He takes his title to heart, even if that heart is not complete.

Enter Mandy McBride. She is one tough chic. She has had a tough time, from upbringing to men. She believes she will suffer the McBride curse. She will not be happy in love. And she is fine with that. She will have her fun… protect her heart, and be her sisters rock, and help with her kids. She will do anything for them. So love is not part of the plan.

Destiny always has a funny twist… because once Shade sets his eyes on Mandy, all bets are off. Well except the raw deal that gets Mandy in his bedroom to begin with…. She fights her way to steer clear of all things Shade, she just knows he is not one to keep. He will hit the road soon enough… so whats the harm… she can have some fun right?? Shade isn’t looking for an old lady, so he is upfront with her. They have a deal. They have a lot of fun. And of course.. their hearts listen!

Don’t be fooled by this being a novella, there is nothing missing! Joanna carefully crafts this story where it will leave you satisfied, yet as always, yearning for so much more about the Reapers Motorcycle Club!

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