Royal Exclusive - Home by Lynn Rider

Austin Harris wanted two things in life. His band, Silver Knight, to reach success and his girlfriend, Amber West, by his side when it did. Amber wanted one thing in life; Austin. Sounded simple, right? Wrong.

When Silver Knight got its chance to tour, Austin and Amber had no idea how quickly their lives would change. Caught up in the pursuit of stardom, the pressures of his new life tested their trust and bent their relationship in ways they never imagined. With Austin on the road and Amber left behind, it didn’t take long for temptation to surface, jealousy to form and promises to be broken. 

But Austin is determined to have it all as he promises Amber the life they always dreamed of. But eventually, the long distance breaks them. And him. Years later, Austin and Amber’s paths cross again. Fresh from rehab, Austin’s prepared more than ever to reclaim the life he was meant to live and this includes a life with Amber.

Soon they find themselves battling between following the love that’s still in their hearts and the repeated failures of a life together.

Will the lingering blame and doubt from years of broken promises be enough to break them once and for all?

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Bonus material:
“That’s one of the best rehab centers in the country. I should know.” I sigh quietly when regret punches me in the gut with Ashton’s words. He should know. He’s checked me into rehab on three different occasions. My first time was for alcohol, the second and third for the heavier shit. “Did you talk to her?” he asks and I don’t miss the hopeful pitch that elevates his usual deep voice.

“No Ashton. I don’t have anything to say,” I confess without the slightest bit of remorse. Our mother is practically a stranger to me, to us. But for whatever reason, Ashton has a strong tie to family. No matter what she does … or doesn’t do in her case, he still takes care of her like she’s fucking mother of the year. The rehab center I checked her into in the middle of the night proves otherwise.

“She’s our mom. She’s going to be better. Shit, by some fucking miracle you did. Now you’re helping people left and right to get their shit—“

“Ashton, let me call you back.” I end the call, not giving him a second to protest when my gaze falls across the hotel lobby. I blink several times, my brain unbelieving of the image my eyes are greedily capturing. She’s not looking my direction, but I’d know Amber anywhere. It’s impossible to forget the only girl I’ve ever loved.

My eyes skirt to her side taking in the brunette that walks with her. She’s pretty, but not like Amber … Amber is beautiful. Long silky blonde hair, mile long legs and brown eyes so dark, you fall into their depths with one gaze. She’s had me captivated since I was a kid, jerking off in a sock, alone in my childhood bed. Sadness and hope flow through my body as all my wrongs come to mind. I’ve spent most of my adult life hurting her with my addiction and then wishing I could take back all the fucked up shit I did. Hopeful that if I could, she’d consider forgiving me and we would build the life together that I promised her.

I search for her in every crowd of every city in every country I visit, but of all the places to find her, Seattle wasn’t on my radar. I’d been here months ago if it were. With her focus on the course of her steps and listening to her friend, she doesn’t notice me standing here like a fucking lunatic watching. My eyes roam the length of her body again and my dick comes to life with the memories of what it felt like to have her under me, writhing and moaning with her release.

Without another thought, my legs set in motion toward her. Something her friend says brightens her beautiful face with a smile before her focus turns my direction. Fuck she’s gorgeous! I force a grin, pretending her smile is for me, knowing I have only one shot to make this right … to make her mine.

“Hello Sunshine.”

About Lynn
I'm a wife and mother of two beautiful children. Being from sunny south Florida, I never spent much time inside reading. I decided to give it a try with a highly talked about trilogy and found myself devouring the pages like a mad woman. Although I knew I was hooked with that trilogy, the hundreds of books I read in the following year proved it. 
Through my love of reading sparked the inspiration to try my hand at writing. I wrote two full length novels as a hobby and only through my husband’s encouragement did I ever consider self-publishing. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

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