Exclusive Interview with Eva Lilly, author of Blame it on the Snow!

Blame It On The Snow by: Eva Lilly

When the snowstorm of the decade grinds Atlanta to a halt, it traps three young women in situations that could lead to heartbreak instead of frostbite.
Katherine Sutton must choose between freezing by the side of the road and taking shelter in a former lover’s home. When she sees the changes Charlie McAndrew has made to his life, she wonders what woman could have gotten this perpetual Peter Pan to finally grow up.
Emma Lawrence, attorney-at-law, is snowed in at work with only her hunky paralegal for company. She’s spent many billable hours lusting after Jonas King, even though office policy and a secret past keep her from acting on her atop-the-desk fantasies. When Emma finally lets her heart overrule her head, she finds herself with more than water cooler gossip to worry about.
Rhyan Kilpatrick reluctantly offers shelter to her best-friend’s younger brother, the A-list celebrity Ethan Sutton. The last thing she wants is to be snowed in with the well-known party boy, even if he is panty-melting hot. But when Rhyan sees beneath the superficial role he plays to the hilt, she wishes for more than one snowy night together.
Is it love that pushes these three women to take risks? Or can they blame it on the snow?
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Eva Lilly’s interview
  1. I don’t go the theater very often, but during the holidays I went to see Night At The Museum with my daughter. Over the next few days, we streamed every Robin Williams’ film we could find. I’d love to see American Sniper based on reviews from friends, but I’m hesitant because for years I’ve steered away from military themed movie while my son was in the army. I might wait until I can watch it from home. I don’t cry pretty, so I prefer to do it in private.
  2. My current favorite song is “Take Me To Church, by Hozier. Holy crap, that guy’s voice is so sexy. The first time I heard it on the radio, I nearly ran a red light because I was paying too much attention his gorgeous voice. I went straight home and downloaded it to my phone. I wonder how many books I’d have to sell in order to afford a private concert.
  3. My current favorite food is Thai. There’s an organic restaurant near my home that serves authentic cuisine. My husband and I are there so often that the staff has our order memorized—coconut soup, Pad Thai, and sticky rice with mango. Yum.
  4. Vodka and club soda with a twist of lime is my go-to adult beverage. However, contrary to the writer stereotype, I don’t drink alcohol while I write. I tried that once and woke up to find that although I’d produced a whopping five thousand words, my fingers were on the wrong keys. All I had to so for my efforts was gibberish.
  5. My ideal date night is dinner at a great restaurant followed by a drive in my Z-4 with the top down. Instead of going home, my husband and I would spend the night at a swank hotel.
  6. My all-time favorite author is J.R. Ward. I can’t wait for her next book to come out in March. I’ve blocked off the day so that I can devour The Shadows in one sitting. I also love reading Marie Force and Lexi Blake—those two never fail to deliver a great story. Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series is one that I’ve reread at least three times.

About The Author

For Eva, there is no better day than one spent with her laptop writing love stories with a naughty twist. She lives in Atlanta with her very supportive family.

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