Finding Jillian by M.L. Andrews

For years, Karee’s husband had longed for the physical relationship they shared when the couple first met, but the demands of life often took priority over their sex lives. When the couple embarks on a seven day cruise, it gives them a chance to start over as Jacob and Jillian. Living out their wildest fantasies, Jacob struggles mentally as Karee fully embraces becoming the hypersexual Jillian. Be careful what you wish for…………………….

Finding Jillian is the ultimate roller coaster of emotions that a man goes through when his wife becomes more than he can handle sexually

M. L. Andrews was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana.  Being part of a large family taught Andrews at a young age the importance of establishing an identity that will stand out among a crowd.  One of nine children, and a blended family of his own, Mickey has experienced enough family drama to know first-hand the consequences of pushing limits.  Andrews is skilled in the arts, employing the detail and creativity of unique designs onto non-traditional mediums.  This creativity has transitioned to writing, and hopefully this project will help others understand the risks of pushing their own limits.

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